• Track all TV ads for any products and brands in 160 cities!

    • Measure efficiency of your own TV ads
    • Monitor competition and partners
    • Generate reports for customers
    • Get statistics on products and services
  • Your paid ads don’t go on the air?

    • 30% of paid local ads don’t get aired
    • Ads get distorted
    • Thousands of dollars in wasted advertising budgets
    • Ads are pushed to non-target audience off prime time
  • Your content is broadcast with violations?

    • Illegal use of content
    • Violation of content integrity
    • Unapproved plugs and ads
    • Crawler overlapping
  • Catch the audience who browse while watching TV

    • 86% of Russian people use one or more extra screens while watching TV and 74% of Russian-speaking users periodically search for information about the brands being advertised on TV
    • AdSwitcher will automatically start your ads in the Internet when viewers of a particular TV advert go online
    • You can synchronize Google ads, social networks, your own website activities, mass texting and push notifications with the selected TV advert
    • For synchronization, you may choose any advertising clip of your own brand, any other brand or a whole category of goods

Maximize your advertising performance and

content efficiency with TV Monitoring Pro!

TV and Ad Monitoring
with TV Monitoring Pro:

Fully automated solution
for 24/7/365 TV broadcast monitoring

Broadcast TV content is recorded in the original TAPe format. A proprietary image recognition technology from Comexp provides automatic recording, search and reporting.


Advanced reports
on ads and other types of TV content

Get real time reports to track ad samples of any products and brands. Check broadcast times against your media plan and get digital proof in your private account with a user-friendly interface.

Hands-on control
of your content broadcast

Get instant E-mail and SMS alerts each time your content is broadcast with violations. Subscribe to get notifications when your competitor’s creatives hit the TV screens!

Largest coverage
in Russia

With 160 cities and 900 channels, we provide the largest coverage in Russia and can immediately start monitoring any channel in any city according to your needs. Get control over your ad broadcasts with any signal source (air, cable or satellite).

Accuracy and speed
with our patented TAPe technology

Our monitoring system based on the proprietary TAPe technology by Comexp uses digital fingerprinting to quickly and accurately identify all instances of the reference videos in huge video arrays even with strong interference.

up to 150 days

Get access to reports on the finished ad campaigns/content broadcasts in retrospect up to 150 days.


Order monitoring

Test monitoring of your ads on any channel in any city of Russia within our coverage.

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Get accurate real time data on your TV commercials!
Verify that your ads are played as intended and get alerts when your content is broadcast with violations, even in the most remote regions with no other broadcast monitoring facilities.

Analyze your competitors’ creatives, products and promotional strategies (sample videos are not required).

Track competition and get the best of your media budget!


Use TV Monitoring Pro to get relevant statistics and generate customer reports.
Control regional broadcasts of your customers’ ads. Stay responsive to any violations.

Get a full overview of TV ads for any product, brand or company within the largest coverage across Russia.

Provide your customers with full transparency and insightful data!

Want to know if your video content is broadcast on the agreed terms?
Need data on each order? Want to stop illegal use of your materials?

Use TV Monitoring Pro to get information on each broadcast of your content and get instant notifications and verification records of any violations.

Be sure of each broadcast!

Our Coverage

160 cities
900 channels
TV Monitoring Prothe largest TV monitoring coverage in Russia!
Monitoring data
Sources and channels

and other reference video samples.

We monitor about 900 channels, including federal, regional and local channels in Russia and Kazakhstan.


Monitor your own TV ads
  • Control of broadcast volume
  • Hitting media plan/prime
  • Accuracy of video samples
  • Verification of your  partners’ media reports
  • Verification videos to confirm violations
Crush your competition
  • Volume and coverage estimation
  • Placement channels and cities
  • Tracking competitors’ creatives
  • Reports by product categories
  • Comprehensive statistics on TV ads


    • WHO
    • WHAT
    • HOW
    • WHICH
    • WHERE
    • WHEN
  • Company
  • Product/service
  • Brand
  • Market segment
  • Commercials
  • News reports
  • TV programs
  • Sponsorship
  • Social ads
  • Political ads
  • Subjects
  • Slogans
  • Key words
  • Network
  • Regional
  • Local
  • Orbital
  • TV channels
  • Cities
  • Regions
  • Broadcast period
  • Date, day of the week
  • Broadcast time
  • Prime/off prime


Use the impact of TV ads on the audience at the peak of their activity during or immediately after broadcasting. Target your Internet campaign at the audience who browse while watching TV in order to increase the effectiveness of your ads or to use for your own benefit the TV campaigns of your competitors, suppliers or all players in the industry.

Comexp AdSwitcher, a unique patented image recognition technology, combined with the largest broadcast monitoring coverage in Russia and Kazakhstan will synchronize the start of your promotion activities with the broadcast of certain advertisement in a particular geographical area.

Synchronization with Google AdWords

Use AdSwitcher possibilities for fine-tuning your SEA campaign in Google in order to ensure better position of your website exactly when TV viewers interested in a certain TV advert are looking for a suitable offer online.

Synchronization with ads in VK

If TV viewers are interrupted while watching TV to chat in a social network, a synchronized start of the advert allows to catch their attention at the right time. You may duplicate your own advert, thus significantly increasing its efficiency or provide associative link of your offer with any other clip which is being broadcast on TV for the same audience.

Synchronization with your website

AdSwitcher allows to set up automatic changes in your website while TV adverts are being broadcast in order to make a promo offer more visible and simplify interaction with the website for those users who browse it after watching a TV advert or other events synchronized with the advertising clip broadcast. Also you may set up extra services on your website that will use AdSwitcher to start mailings, mass texting, push notifications or other planned activities during a particular TV clip broadcast.

Increase the effectiveness of your ads, use TV campaigns
of major industry players for your own purposes

Our Customers

  • Comexp has been our important partner since 2009 helping us to track and monitor TV ads on the selected channels.

    Media Department Manager, Tele2 Russia JULIA KIM
  • We would like to thank Comexp for fast and accurate monitoring data Head of Marketing, LENTA Supermarket Chain KARINA AITOVA
  • In terms of technical expertise, Comexp possesses all the necessary tools for automatic TV monitoring Managing Director, MediaLogics ALEKSEY BARANTSEV
  • Eastern Express Bank ordered TV ad monitoring services from Comexp. For us Comexp is particularly effective in cities that do not have any other monitoring instruments, and the number of such cities is rather high. Promotion Department Manager, Eastern Express Bank PJSC TATIANA BROIKO
  • Comexp helps us to control regional advertising budgets, find out and correct the mistakes of our advertising partners. A significant advantage of Comexp monitoring system is fast and accurate reporting. Head of Media Planning and Advertising Department, ABI PRODUCT ELIZAVETA BALASHOVA
  • Comexp provides extensive monitoring coverage including small towns in remote regions. Reports from Comexp help us to control local contractors and provide 100% airing of our regional ads. General Manager, STRONG Advertising Agency ANTONINA GAMALEYA
  • TV Monitoring Pro gives us a precise picture of our TV ad airings and hands-on control of the situation. This is an effective tool to ensure fulfillment of our media plan. Advertising Manager, TMK Group JULIA KOROTINA
  • The cooperation with Comexp works very well. They are a reliable partner that provides good data. CEO of webeffects GmbH
    Jasper Sasse



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